Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Review of Chickens Don't Live in Tree Houses by Laura Willigham


"Chickens Don't Live in Tree Houses" is a cute story with examples of creativitiy and helping others. Lily, a young chicken, decides to make a plan for her family and others while they are having extended rainstorms. Lily and her family live on a hilltop so Lily's Dad thinks they will be safe. But their friends who live in low-lying areas may not be so lucky. Lily's parents decided to invite friends to stay with them. Lily has a great imagination so she plans to convert their tree house into a house she and her family can live in, while the guests can enjoy the family home. 

What does Lily do to prepare? She makes curtanis for the windows. She cleaned the floors and brought blankets and pillows from the house.  She was quite thorough with her preparations. 

Lily's plan worked well. I would have liked to see more engagement between Lily's family and their guests and perhaps a more colorful cover showing the chickens inside the tree house. Chicke But the story shares cute illustrations and lessons on helping others, being creative and thoughtful, and showing that home is where the heart is. These are all fine lessons for children to learn.

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