Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday thoughts: National Holidays Today And Memorial Day

 Good morning everyone.  I hope you have a lovely day and weekend. Please take time to honor our military heroes, whether they served,( or are serving) in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, or Special Forces. We should honor and treasure them every day, in my opinion.

Today we'll learn some new things about some of the National Holidys that are celebrated today.

National Paper Airplane Day:

National Paper Airplane Day has been observed for many years. How do people celebrate? There are contests and winners are chosen based on how far their airplane travels and how long it stays in the air.

Blueberry Cheesecake Day:

I love cheesecake. We  lived in FL for several years and there were two specialty cheesecake restaurants about half an hour away. We'd go there for special celebrations.

National Cherry Dessert Day:

Do you love cherries? If so, be sure to party today and enjoy your favorite treat. I'm not a big cherry fan,but many people are. You might enjoy cherry tarts, or cherry pies.

National Don't Fry Day:

I've never heard of this holiday. Have you? It's meant to encourage your family to use any other method of cooking than frying.

National Road Trip Day:

In America, many families love to travel so we have a National Day to honor that. 

National Carb Day:

I bet you're thinking this day was named for all of the carb foods that so many of us love, but that's not entirely true. National Carb Day actually refers to the last day of practice for the Indy 500 Race. T he full name is National Carburetor Day. This holiday was first celebrated in 1963. After practice, the drivers and crew celebrate by partying and enjoying as many tasty carbs as they'd like.  

I hope you enjoyed learning about these holidays.

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  1. For "You Know who" a reader who commented on the post about cherry cheesecake. I hope you enjoy it. :)