Thursday, June 12, 2014

This week we're celebrating..

As you may know, on Fridays we celebrate things that happened during the week, big and small. Here's what we're cheering about this week:
  • Brendan had fun on his trip to Boston and now he's home safely.
  • We'll be talking to our mom on Skype this weekend. She moved to FL last month so we miss her.
  • Looking forward to Father's Day this weekend. Also wishing everyone a wonderful Father's Day!
  • My author friend Sarah Mazor has a new children's book out. It's so cute, as are all of her others. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out:
  • The outcome of the Belmont Race was disappointing, but I'm glad the owner of California Chrome apologized for the comments he made after the race.
  • I"m having fun doing interviews with Claire Power Murphy. Claire is a great host.
Be sure to stop by to find out what everyone is celebrating. VikLit is the founder of this group.
Happy weekend, everyone!


This is a picture of my dad.  He's in Heaven now and I miss him, but I think he'd be proud of what we've done.


  1. Hi, Deanie. Good things to celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I agree with you about the Belmont Race, very disappointing! Have a wonderful weekend, Deanie!

  3. Hi Cathrina, so nice to hear from you. Yes, we both concur about the Belmont. I read that California Chrome injured himself in the starting gate, which probably effected the result. He has what's called a quarter crack It's an abrasion he got when he fidgeted in the starting gate and his hind foot hit the front one and gave him a cut. He'll be fine in a couple of weeks, though. But I heard he'll have a long rest.
    Happy weekend!

  4. I'm glad your son enjoyed his trip. Boston is lovely! Yay for talking to your mom, and it's great you're having fun on the radio interviews!

  5. Thanks, Lexa, we did have fun with our Skype chat and the other things we celebrated. Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend.

  6. Sounds like you had a full week, except for the Belmont Race. I hope you had a lovely chat with your mom.

  7. Thanks Nana, it was a busy week. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Sorry I am rather late this week visiting. Love the photo of your dad. My dad died when I was only 15, was thinking about him today. Hope you have had a nice weekend and managed to Skype your mom.

  9. I love to hear from you, Suzanne. It doesn't matter that you're a little late. Yes,we did Skype with my mom, but we couldn't see her picture. At least we talked to her and she's happy in her new home. Thank you so much for stopping by. We both miss our dads, but I'm sure they're smiling down on us.

  10. I also love that pic of your dad, and kudos to your mom for being Skype-friendly at her age!

  11. Thanks, Beverly, it's always fun to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. All the best to you, as always