Thursday, March 3, 2016

Celebrate the Small things...

Can you believe Friday is here again? The week flew by. Don't forget to stop by to see what everyone's happy about. Here's what we're celebrating this week:

  • Our son had the flu,but now he's back to work, although not totally fine.
  • The same son took his mid terms and thought he did okay with them.
  • Compliments on my TV interview
  • A trip to one of the local schools yesterday to read to the little ones. We had a great time reading Dr.Suess! :)
Hope you all had a great week with lots to celebrate.

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copyright 2016: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


  1. Julie, I saw your comment but for some reason it wasn't posted. Thank you so much. We had a great time yesterday and thank you for listening to my interview and giving me such a nice compliment. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm glad your son is better and that his mid-terms are over. I hope he does well on them! Yay for compliments about your TV interview and for your trip to the school. Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite childhood memories! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Yes, it's good Brendan's tests are done. He always seems to do well on them and never gets frazzled. He takes after his Dad; totally unflappable. :) The trip to school was really fun. We laughed a lot. I can't believe so many publishers rejected Dr. Suess' books before they were published!

  4. Glad to hear your son is feeling better. I hope his midterm grades turn out well. I thought you did a great job with the interview. I love reading Dr. Seuss books. They are some of the best books ever! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hope your son gets over what's left of that flu.

  6. Thank you M. R. R. He's getting there, slowly but surely. Hope your week is full of good things to celebrate.