Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Charlene the Star coming on Kindle!

The entertaining and humorous children's book, Charlene the Star will soon be available on Kindle! Watch for updates.

Cover design by Holly Humphrys-Bajaj


  1. Great news!!!! ;)

    PS. Some of the awards have been posted, next half is ready to go for next week, thanks again!

  2. Oh, good job for getting some of the awards ready! Thank you for being in my cheering section. The second edition of Tails of Sweetbrier will be out in a few months so we can celebrate that too. My sister did a new cover for it and my son did the lettering and back cover layout so we're excited. We put questions at the end and I think kids and teachers will like them. Remember how awesome you are and thank you.

  3. Congrats Deanie! What a great accomplishment!

  4. Thank you so much, Beverly. I don' t feel like I've done anything extraordinary yet. I blush when I get an award, though.