Friday, February 17, 2017

Colleen’s #Book #Reviews – “Charlene the Star,” by Deanie Humphrys Dunne
Please stop by to check out Colleen Chesebro's wonderful post about Charlene the Star. Here are some excerpts:
Charlene the Star is a sweet story for young readers who love horses or animals in general. In the beginning, soon after Charlene is born, she learns that she has been born into a family of racehorses. Of course, her family wants her to follow in their footsteps (literally). However, this is a tough act for her to follow. Charlene soon discovers that being a racehorse just isn’t something she enjoys which causes her to have an identity crisis about what her role in life should be.
One thing Charlene does love is jumping, and that leads her to a major life opportunity. She visits the Jumping for Joy Ranch and is introduced to rail jumping, and she ends up excelling at the sport. In fact, after much practice, she proves to be so good that she wins a first and second place ribbon while participating in a competition.
“Deanie Humphrys-Dunne was blessed with the wonderful gift of telling inspiring stories that encourage children to believe in themselves, work hard and achieve their own unique and special dreams. As we well know from our human experience, it is not easy to be born into a family of super-high-achievers.
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  1. What an amazing review! Huge congrats, and I really like the new cover too! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Thank you, Lexa So happy you like it. The cover has our dog, Elliott on it and he's in the story. :)

  3. Thank you Elizabeth. It certainly is a remarkable review.