Saturday, February 5, 2022

An Interview with Jim and Wilbur the Tractor


"Top o' the mornin' to you, Wilbur," said Jim, entering Wilbur's garage.  Today we're going to talk about your books." 

"Hooray," said the little red tractor, bouncing all four tires. " 

"I've owned you for more than five years. Tell everyone about your favorite jobs. 

"Oh, most of all, I love helping you Jim. You're my best friend. But some of my favorite jobs are helping you mow the grass in the spring and summer. But that doesn't mean I rest all winter. Pushing the snow into neat little piles is so much fun. Sometimes I even pull the little cart so you can take weeds out of the garden."

"That's right, Wilbur. You do all of those jobs so well. We make a good team."

"What else happens in your first book, Wilbur?"

"I feel sad when you tell me you need a new tractor because it would be too hard for me to mow the big field where your new vegetable garden is. I thought I'd never see you again. Big tears rolled down my headlights. But you showed me there can be good things about changes. I might even make new animal friends. It was a great thing to know and I found out we will always be friends."

"That's right, Wilbur."

What happens in your second book, Wilbur's new Home?

"Different people come to see me. Some of them were grumpy and unkind, but you told me we'd find the perfect new family for me. One of the people I was too old. I ran and hid from him. Another man said he didn't like red tractors because they had bad tempers. That made me sad, but you and Hattie the Chicken told me I had to be patient and the right person would come. Our story has a happy ending."

"Yes, it does. We are both happy you found the perfect new family. And they even prepared a special surprise for you in your new home."

"Finally, could you tell everyone about the dedication of your books?"

Sure, Jim. My first book, A Tractor Named Wilbur, is dedicated to  all of the children who read my book. And the second book, Wilbur's new Home is dedicated to all of the children who are shy about making new friends. I love making new friends and I hope all of the children enjoy my books."

"Thank you for telling everyone about your new stories, Wilbur. I loved our interview. I'll see you soon."


copyright 2022: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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